We appreciate you taking the time to visit our smooshy site. Here in the smooshy house we pride ourselves in producing and raising happy, healthy English Bulldogs for families and breeders. We are a family owned program located in Modesto, California. 

Here in the smooshy house, our bulldogs are not just amazing pets, they are family. They are all loved and cared for indoors. Our bulldogs are raised with our three young boys who love and play with them every day. 

We only produce rare colors here in the Smooshabulls house. All our studs, dams and puppies are "Tri" colored. Meaning that they have a distinct pattern color of fur which makes them more rare and exotic. We specifically produce Chocolate Tri, Lilac Tri, Chocolate Merle Tri and Lilac Merle Tri bulldogs.

We are excited for you to join the Smooshabulls Family and hope to help you in your journey to finding your perfect Smooshy baby. For additional information and photos about everything English Bulldogs and Smooshabulls please explore our website and of course you can always contact us directly

(209) 799-0538